Service: PC Board Repair

Spokane Spas specializes in spa PC Board repair.  New spa PC Boards are expensive and often repair is a good option. When sending us your spa controller for repair,
please do the following:

1. Remove the spa controller enclosure as a whole, not just the PC Board.  Leave wires and transformer attached to PC Board.

2. If possible, include the spaside control
(touchpad/display) so that we may perform a complete diagnostic test.  Most spaside controllers are stuck down to the spa surface with two sided tape. Simply insert a flat blade between spa surface and spaside to ďpopĒ up.   Note: Some spasides must first be released from above (screws under top label) or from below via integrated securing screws.

Include your Name, Address, Contact Information, and a description of the problem with your package.

4. Send to:

Spokane Spas Inc.
16428 E. Sprague Ave.
Veradale WA  99037

Please donít hesitate to call or email for more brand specific spa equipment removal procedures. 

Phone: 509-532-1400


Did you know?
Spokane Spas can retrofit your spa with new Digital Spa Controls.  Our digital retrofit spa packs offer improved efficiency and performance. Retrofit spa packs include a digital spaside control with temperature display.

PC Board Repair /hr + parts


You will not be charged if we canít repair your board.

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