Many hot tub issues can be identified and repaired by willing homeowners with the help of interactive troubleshooting via telephone. We have thousands of spa parts in stock to facilitate your repair. If you would like help with troubleshooting a hot tub problem please follow the steps below and call 509-532-1400 during business hours.

Prepare to troubleshoot:

     - Remove the hot tub side panel that covers the electrical equipment and pump(s).

     - Lift the spa cover so that you can access the spaside touchpad/display.

     - Have ready a phillips and a flat blade screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and
        a working voltmeter (we can instruct you on how to use the voltmeter).

     - Have ready your smart phone or tablet for taking and sending pictures.

Please Note:

Hot tub repairs should only be attempted by those comfortable dealing with electricity and water.
This is work best left to professionals. Because of various conditions, tools, individual skills and circumstances, Spokane Spas Inc. and its authors, agents, employees and associated individuals assume no responsibility for any damages, injuries suffered, or losses incurred as a result of information given.

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