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Ozone O3

Ozone destroys bacteria and inactivates viruses and cysts. pH neutral, ozone oxidizes oils and contaminants, creating crystal clear water. Chlorine use is minimized and chloramines are eliminated. Ozone reduces maintenance, protects equipment, and lowers operating costs.

The HydroQuip ozonator below incorporates the reliability and high ozone output of Coronal Discharge (CD) technology with a solid state starting system which is 120V/240V convertible. Is your spa’s ozonator still producing Ozone gas? Can your spa be equipped with an ozonator? Call or e-mail Spokane Spas for the answer to this or any other question about ozone purification for spas.  

HydroQuip CD Chip Ozonator 120/240VAC  - $139.00

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